Schedule Home Solar Panel Installation in Bakersfield, CA

Save Money and the Environment

You want your children to grow up in green, sustainable world. Do your part by installing residential solar panels at your Bakersfield, California home. You can count on Divine Power USA to design a solar energy system that meets your needs.

You'll experience many benefits of installing solar panels, including tax credits and reduced energy bills. Plus, you'll also generate your own energy and reduce your carbon footprint, making the world safer for your children.

Reach out to us today to set up a home solar panel installation in Bakersfield, California.

See how easily you can get solar power for your home

See how easily you can get solar power for your home

We maintain a stress-free process for getting solar panels. When you contact us about a home solar panel installation, we'll:

  • Send a consultant to examine your home
  • Look at your roof, electrical panel and electric bill
  • Discuss your options with you based on our findings
  • Explain if you should buy or lease your equipment
  • Custom build your solar energy system

We'll then go over your financing options, break down your warranties and explain what features your equipment comes with.

Find out how much solar energy can improve your home. Call 661-557-0027 now to get a free estimate on your residential solar panels.