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Residential Solar

What are the main benefits of going solar for residential?

The benefits of solar are two fold. You have the value of producing your own energy and saving money for decades to come. Then you have the joy of knowing you’re doing your part to help save our planet for future generations! By going solar your will prevent thousands of pounds of harmful carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. I’d say that is a win win for everyone.

Saving money and the environment and the environment, what’s not to love? Give us a call today to set an appointment and you can start reaping the rewards of having your own solar system on your home.

What are the steps to get solar for my home?


Contact and Consultation

Call us at 661-557-0027 to schedule an appointment. We’ll send a qualified consultant directly to your home to evaluate your needs. The consultant will inspect your roof, electric panel, and review your electric bill to gather information on your yearly kilowatt usage.


Evaluation and Options

After the initial assessment, we’ll discuss whether purchasing a system or opting for a Sunpower lease would be more beneficial for you. We tailor the solar system to fit both your home and family’s specific needs.


System Design and Warranties

Your consultant will help you understand the different options available, including warranties on labor, solar panels, and inverters. We’ll also cover the monitoring features of your new solar system to ensure you’re fully informed about how it operates.


Financial Overview and Environmental Impact:

Finally, we will present the financial aspects of installing the solar system, demonstrating how it’s not only a smart investment but also beneficial for the environment. We’ll show you how going solar makes sense economically and ecologically.

Soaring Energy Prices

Take Control

Every year, thousands of people make the choice to go solar. By harnessing the power of the sun you can lower your electric bills, shield yourself from future rate increases, and take control of your energy supply.
Moreover, transitioning to solar power allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet for generations to come.

Join the community of homeowners who trust Divine Power for their energy needs.

R Scott
Their service was quick and thorough. From scheduling to installation, a top-notch company I would recommend above all others! I had a problem with another company and even PG&E. The behind-the-scenes staff were quick to not only resolve but researched and found solutions even a PG&E employee said wasn’t possible. Thank you for such great attention to detail. My special thanks to Rikki and Yasmin!
Peter E
Divine Power installed my solar system and electric panel, everything went fast and ok with no issues at all, I totally recommend them for any solar and electric work.
AlexD T
Thank you Divine Power USA. I am very grateful for your installation of the solar panels on my house. Thank you again for being so efficient.
Arturo C
The way my representative Greg explained how everything works was very understandable. I tried some other solar companies and they were not able to provide clear communication. The installers did a great job and also communicated every step of what they were doing.